SD card
•  Shed light on any situation to provide increased
    safety for outdoor activities after dark
•  Records 20-seconds of footage on 2GB
    SD card each time motion is detected!
                             •  Watch digital playback on
                                 your computer!
                             •  Record your own message,
                                 or use one of three pre-                                  recorded ones.
360 degree motion sensor
•  24-hour security for your home or business
•  Four in one security system! 
      - Powerful 300W Light
      - 180-Degree Motion Sensor
      - Built-in security camera
      - Audio messaging
•  Easy Installation!  Replaces your
    old outside lighting – no need for any
    additional wiring or special tools.
You can’t put a price on peace-of-mind, but this home security system gives you a lot of value for not a lot of money.
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