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Frequently Asked Questions


First you need to remove the device from your app account by pressing and holding the device option from the Home screen. Or you can go into the device menu and click on the upper right icon to find the remove option on the bottom.

Next push the reset button until you hear a prompt sound and follow the same pairing process instructions.

The floodlight will still work when motion sensor detects movement even without the Wi-Fi connection. But you will not be able to receive notifications or turn the light on/off through the app. 

The motion sensitivity has three levels: Long (20 – 30 ft.), Med (13 – 16 ft.), and Short (3 – 10 ft.). Please check the distance setting to see if it needs to be adjusted.

Please also turn on the motion detection function in Motion Settings or Alarm Settings. 

Please make sure the device is using 2.4GHz Wi-Fi frequency. 5GHz is currently not supported.

Check if your device is too far away from the Wi-Fi router. There may also be too many walls between the router and the device that affects the signal. When you place a device too far from your router a Wi-Fi extender may be needed to widen your Wi-Fi range.

If you are not sure what may cause the offline issue, you can run the diagnosis function in the app. Click “Me” on the bottom of the app and selecting Settings ? Network Diagnosis. The app will automatically run a full diagnosis check for the network environment.  

  1. Confirm device is powered on.
  2. Confirm the device is reset to pairing mode and the indicator light is blinking.
  3. Make sure that the signal of the network environment where the device is located is strong and stable. Put the device, smartphone and router closer to each other.
  4. Confirm that your smartphone is connected to a correct Wi-Fi frequency (some device only supports 2.4GHz).
  5. If you are using iOS 14, please make sure you have opened the local network permission and wireless data permission of the App.
  6. The router may have other special authentication methods, such as MAC authentication, AP isolation, etc. In this case, you need to modify the advanced settings of the router or contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to cancel the special configuration.
  1. Check the Led status and make sure the camera is in pairing mode.
  2. Adjust the distance of scanning.
  3. Avoid to pair in direct sunlight.
  1. Please check whether the router is powered off or disconnected from the network.
  2. Check whether the router has been replaced, or the Wi-Fi name or password has been changed. If so, remove your device and then add it to the network again.
  3. Please confirm whether the device has just updated the firmware. The device will be disconnected from the network when updating firmware, and will automatically connect to the network after the update is completed. However, if your network is unstable, it will be unable to reconnect automatically. In this case, the device needs to be removed and added again.
  4. Please check if the Wi-Fi signal of the device is too poor (for example: there are several walls between the device and the router; the device is surrounded by a metal shell or there are metal objects nearby; nearby high-power appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators).
  5. Check the distance between router and device. The device would go offline when the distance is too large. Re-position router or device, or add a Wi-Fi signal extender.
  6. Check whether the firmware is the latest version. To check this on the app, choose Home - Tap device icon - Top right button - Check for Firmware Updates.
  7. If the device goes offline after a period of use, please try to restart the router, wait 3 minutes and observe the status of the device. If the device can work normally after that, it indicates that the router is overloaded due to long-term high-load use, and you need to replace it with a more powerful one, or reduce the number of devices connected to the router.
  8. You can also use a mobile hotspot as Wi-FI source to connect the device, to check the device status to know whether the offline issue was caused by the unstable Wi-Fi network.
  9. If your device still fails to connect to the network after the preceding steps, please cut off the device, remove the device through the APP, and pair it again. (Device Removal Method: Open the App and enter the device control page,click  "..." button which is in the top right corner, click on the bottom of the page "remove device")

Please check the following items:

  1. Is there any set schedule, Left Time (Countdown), Tap-To-Run, or Automation settings;
  2. Check the plug or power. Suggest to change a plug to power the device.

When adding device networking in APP, Some devices do not support full digital Wi-Fi names, the password length of the Wi-Fi is up to 58 bits.

NoteSpecial characters in the password are not supported.

The function of remotely resetting the device is not supported. you can only manually reset the device to the pairing mode, and then manually add the device again.

Confirm that the App is running properly on the phone and the notifications have been enabled for the App on the mobile device.

Find the bound APP account and delete the device; If can't find the account, pls submit unbind request through the APP.

SD Card

Currently the app supports storage from 16-128GB and only supports FAT32 format.  

If your current SD card is exFAT or NFTS, please insert the SD card into your PC to format to FAT32. You can also try the “format” function in the app to see if the problem will be resolved.

Note: Please copy all important documents before formatting as all data will be deleted during the process. 

It is recommended to insert the SD card when the device is powered off. Check whether the SD card format is FAT32 and if the card can be recognized by another device.


The app can support 120 devices in a single account. 

The code image should be parallel to the camera lens and placed at a distance about 5 – 8 inches away. If you cannot scan the code successfully, try positioning the code slightly further or closer. Please also be sure there is no reflection on your screen from sunlight or another light source that will block the QR code from being read.

If the device still will not register, select “Other Mode” in the top right corner of the pairing option to try pairing without the QR code scan. 

The Home Zone Smart app integrates different products into one app. Since the settings and menu options on the app will differ based on the device, user manuals are available for each device. Please visit our official website at www.homezonesecurity.com or contact our customer support for more information. 

Yes you can pair multiple cameras to your account. You can also use the “Smart” settings on the bottom of the app screen to have an action by one device trigger an action by another device.

Yes, when changing or resetting the router, you need to reset the device and add it again.

  1. Try to reinstall the APP and restart the phone
  2. Restore the malfunctioning device to the factory settings in the App, and then add it again

One device can only be bound to one App account in the same time, and the device cannot be transferred to another App account. If you need to transfer the device, you need to reset the device first, and then add the device to another App account. If you don't want to reset and re-add the device, you can share this device with other APP accounts so that other App accounts can also control and use this device

  1. Camera is in one-way audio by default, pls change the setting to two-way audio.
  2. Your Phone does not allow the APP to use your microphone. Pls enable it.