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Mesh Linkable Series Twin Head SMD LED Outdoor Solar Flood Light, 1500 Lumens, 5000K Bright

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✔ CREATE AN INVISIBLE SECURITY FENCE: Links with other compatible Home Zone Security Linkable flood lights. When linked with other lights, triggering one light will activate all other linked flood lights. Create up to 4 separate lighting zones for different locations (100 devices maximum on one channel). Compatible with these Home Zone Security Linkable Flood Lights (Model #s: ES00942G & ES00935G).

✔ TOTAL MOTION SENSING COVERAGE: Eliminates blind spots, nothing escapes this light. With an ultra-wide 240°-degree motion detection range extending 40’ feet from the light, this security light catches the smallest critters to the largest human. Includes 3 separate heads with independent pivoting articulation, helping to focus-in, target and eliminate dark areas.

✔ EAGLE-EYED ADJUSTABLE SENESITY: Focus in on up-close motion or illuminate your home before an intruder even gets close. Motion sensor allows for 3 detection settings: close range, medium or maximum 40’ range.

✔ EXTENDABLE COVERAGE: Add an optional motion sensor for extended range. Optional motion sensor adds another detection zone up to 327’ away. Great for triggering all linked lights once motion is sensed in a driveway or entryway to the property. Compatible with Home Zone Security motion sensor Model # ES06577G.

✔ SIMPLE LINKABILITY: Set up the extended coverage areas via the switches on the device. Simply pick the same channel on each linked device and they’re connected. That’s it, no apps or complicated wi-fi setups.

✔ TIMED DELAY 30-SECOND / 1-MINUTE / 2-MINUTE: Whether you want a quick 1-minute illumination to ward off neighborhood kids or an extended illumination period for extra security, this light has duration settings for every application.

✔ CRYSTAL CLEAR 5000K BRIGHT WHITE COLOR TEMPERATURE: Projects an ultrabright 5000K bright white light for maximum visibility on driveways, side yards and other security sensitive areas.

✔ DUSK TO DAWN & CONTINUOUS ON: Light up your space your way. Features motion sensing, automatic dusk to dawn, and continuous on modes.

✔ BUILT TO LAST: This all-new security light series by Home Zone Security shares a robust yet modern light featuring LED light heads built using durable aluminum die casting construction and high impact plastic to withstand outdoor weather conditions.

✔ SOLAR POWERED w/ NO WIRING REQUIRED: Easily installs in any location around your home. No complicated wiring or electrical work required. Works during power outages and emergencies.