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Advantages of Security Lights

Advantages of Security Lights

Understanding the Many Advantages of Security Lights


Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or have been living in the same house for a while and merely looking to up your security and elevate your home investment at the same time, you’ve come to the right place. Upping your property’s security should be a top priority for every homeowner, or even renter! While not all of us may be able to afford state of the art security systems, there are ways in which you can create more security for your property – and some you can even do yourself! Security lighting is a simple and affordable solution to achieve home security benefits. 


Today we’re going to be discussing the advantages of security lights, the different types available, how lighting helps with being a crime deterrent and the technology behind security lights. Let’s dive right in!


Advantages of security lights

Homeowners all over the globe use security lights to deter intruders from targeting their homes. There are multiples studies which conclude that security lights actively help decrease crime by close to 40%! Security lighting also provides area lighting for increased visibility. With a variety of different styles and designs to choose from, you can settle on ones that suit your home best. Let’s go through some of the benefits of each in more detail. 

Advantages of security lights as home security

There are two parts to the advantages of security lights. In this section, we are going to be outlining why security lights can be a great way to deter burglars from trying to steal from your home. 


Indoor security lights 

These security lights are great for when you’re away from home. These security lights mimic real behavior to suggest that there are people at home. In some cases, you can set these lights to go on and off through regular intervals, further adding to the appearance from the outside that there are, in fact, people at home. Leaving your lights on constantly is an old trick, and one that criminals are fairly familiar with and therefore doesn’t deter them from attempting burglaries.


Smart security lighting

Further to the above point, smart security lighting gives you the ability to turn lights on and off even when you aren’t there using a remote control. This is a great option as it allows you to turn certain lights on and off, provided they are installed in various rooms in the house. This is an excellent way to mimic indoor activity to further deter home invasion, as rather than following a pattern that criminals may be able to pick up one, it relies on your intuition. When using indoor lighting, remember to keep the curtains or blinds closed, you don’t want to give an open view of what’s going on inside. 


Outdoor motion sensor lighting

Outdoor motion sensor lights, apart from illuminating the area, they’ll also alert your neighbors to any suspicious activities happening in or around your home. If you live in a neighborhood where there is not adequate street lighting, outdoor lighting and particularly motion sensor lighting would be a fantastic way to create more deterrents for any burglars. 


Advantages of security lights for added visibility

We have discussed how security lighting can deter criminal burglaries, now let us discuss the added advantages of security lights and how the added visibility is a great benefit. 

Peace of mind

Having a well-lit property adds to peace of mind, knowing you can see into all the nooks and crannies where burglars could potentially be lurking. Again, this is where motion security lights come in, especially if you are not home. 


Home security

When dark corners and areas are well lit around the exterior of your house, you or your neighbors can easily notice the presence of a potential intruder. 

Visibility functionality

Along with added security, security lighting can also come in handy when you entertain at night. Whether it’s an outdoor get together, having light luminating the yard can definitely make outdoor BBQs much more pleasant! 


Prevent accidents at night

Avoid any potential safety hazards by ensuring you have adequate visibility around steps, the yard or even your driveway. There are a host of preventable accidents you want to account for, and by having increased visibility, the likelihood of tripping over a garden hose at night is significantly reduced. 


Increase property value

Any property is an investment, especially a house that is well taken care of. Installing security lights will certainly increase your property value, and if you place it on the market, it will account for a higher appraisal. This could also benefit you for home insurance purposes. 

Types of security lights

Now that we have a better understanding of the advantages of security lights, let’s talk about the different types. 


Wired security lights (AC powered)

Wired security lights are a valuable addition, because, as long as your house has electricity, you don’t need to worry about low batteries or an uncharged one. With adjustable light heads and lasting with LED technology bulbs, you’re ready to light it up!


Solar security lights (Rechargeable battery)

If you live in an area that has frequent power outages, solar lights would be a good way to get around that and still be able to have security lighting. The added advantage with solar powered security lights is that they also cut down on your electricity bill.

Battery-powered security lights (Placement flexibility) 

No electricity on a cloudy day? Battery powered security lights are your answer. Along with them being portable, this is a great option for security lighting. 

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