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Why Outdoor Lighting Is Important

Why Outdoor Lighting Is Important

Why Outdoor Lighting Is Important

Outdoor lighting for your home is an incredibly important part of home security and home aesthetics. If you are ready to look at outdoor lighting options, we’re glad you came across our article! Outdoor lighting should be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and it should increase the value to your property. With so many different options of outdoor lighting available today, there’s bound to be more than a few that will match your ideal style. Simple, inexpensive and a great weekend DIY project, are you ready to install your ideal outdoor lighting setup? We will be outlining the various benefits of having outdoor lighting installed in your property, with the chief amongst these being the safety and security aspects.

Benefits of outdoor lighting

Typically, not as much focus is placed on outdoor lighting as indoor lighting. But times are changing! People are now coming to grips with the many benefits of investing in outdoor lighting setups, and they’re also realizing it’s not an expensive task at all! We spend lots of time working on our yards and home exterior, so why not highlight those features? Apart from the visual appeal of outdoor or landscape lighting, there is, of course, the ever most important benefit – added security and home safety.  

Safety and security

As we know, a dark house is an attractive target for home burglaries. But having outdoor lighting, you not only deter criminals from attempted theft, but you also light up all the nooks and crannies where potential home burglars could be hiding. If you have motion sensor outdoor lights, you and your neighbors will be easily warned when there is someone trespassing on the exterior of your property. This allows enough time to call the authorities, while still safely behind locked doors, and not be caught unaware. 

Motion Detection

We’ve just touched on motion detection, but in more detail, this aspect of outdoor lighting is a major benefit. Not only does it ward off criminals, but unwanted animals, too! Motion sensor lighting is also great for grabbing the attention of your neighbors, especially if you aren’t home. These lights are not only very simple to install, but they also have a long lifespan too, meaning that maintaining them is inexpensive. 

Surprise factor

The surprise factor of motion sensor lights is incredibly effective. Whether animals, burglars or even pesky neighborhood teens who might attempt to trespass on to your property, once they enter the exterior of your property and set off the light detection, they’ll soon be scurrying back to where they came from.

Added visibility

When you are home at night, having added visibility to the outside is a very important part of home security and safety, especially if you live in a dark neighborhood without adequate street lighting. With the added visisbility, you’ll have the peace of mind to drift off blissfully. 

Prevent stumbling and accidents

Avoid preventable accidents by having adequate visibility up garden pathways and driveways. By having full visibility at night, you can be sure you’re not tripping over pot plants or garden tools. Well, at least not due to the dark!  Plus, guests who may be unfamiliar with your yard will be saved the embarrassment of falling into a bush at one of your BBQs.

View what’s going on outside

More often than not, there’s often something happening outside. You hear a strange noise, look out the window and without outdoor lighting, you see nothing, which means you then have to put yourself in harm’s way to see what the commotion is. Make sure you’ll be able to view outdoors in the dark by installing high-quality outdoor lighting. 

Ambiance and display

Landscape or outdoor lighting, when installed properly, can really enhance the visual appeal of your property by highlighting the exterior and surrounding landscape. Whether it’s particular architectural points of your house, new window or door fixtures, these intricate details can really be shown off with the right type of outdoor lighting. 

Ambiance for occasions and entertaining

If you’re someone who loves to entertain, nighttime get togethers won’t be the same once you’ve experienced it with great outdoor lighting. Think here of accent or wall lights, that create a particular atmosphere and adequate lighting for you and your guests. Your lighting will be the talk of the party!

Simple and affordable solution to achieve benefits

It is a common misconception to believe installing outdoor lighting is expensive but that doesn’t have to be the case. For example, at Home Zone Security, we have an array of outdoor lighting options to choose from that can easily be installed with no prior knowing to lighting installation – and will suit your pocket! Choose from solar pathway lights, deck lights, security flood lights, and even wall and accent lights! Reasonable pricing, effective outdoor security lighting over a weekend? Sign us up. 

If you’re ready to get started with shedding some light on your home, take a browse through our website to see which solution is best suited for you. Remember, it’s not just about having light. It’s security, ambiance, safety, visibility and in some cases, can even add to the value of your property when it comes to appraisals!

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