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2021 Guide to Smart Homes

2021 Guide to Smart Homes

What is a Smart Home?

More often that you’d imagine, the simple question “what is a smart home?” gets asked so often. The simple answer is that a smart home is a house that is equipped with various devices which automate functions usually handled by humans. Let’s deep dive into how that’s even possible. 

The technologies that make a smart home consists of devices and/or appliances which connect to the internet. Through this connection, the devices are able to “communicate” with each other to achieve the automation of specific tasks. 

How does it work?

For someone to have a smart home, you can either have one automated appliance, or a few different ones that all work together to perform different tasks. When there is synchronicity between smart appliances, it creates less work for those who have devices that work autonomously. Meaning, you don’t need to actively control it with your smartphone or a program.

Let’s discuss this in more detail. How does the automation of autonomy work or how it is controlled? Most, if not all, smart devices have some form of corresponding software or app that allows you to configure or control it. How you do that is dependent on either the devices’ capabilities or your very own choice. Some ways include:

  • In-app
  • Voice
  • In sequence with other devices
  • Particular gestures
  • Specific schedules
  • Certain weather conditions

Device Usage and their Data

Probably one of the concerns that most people raise an eyebrow to is the devices and their data recordings- does it infringe on their privacy and who sees it? Rest assured, the data is there for one reason only. Let’s discuss. 

As the device gains data, users are able to customise and further optimise the usage. Or, if you have it set a certain way, it will be able to optimise itself. Sharing the data from one device to another, depending on their abilities to use machine learning, AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms will automate the particular use to be more predictive rather than reactive. Essentially, your smart devices and learn what you prefer and mimic that so you don’t have to control them manually.

Smart Security


Now that we’ve covered the idea of a smart home and smart appliances and what they do, let’s cover smart security. One of the main smart home usage sections for connected devices is for home security. Items such as smart cameras, and further security-related devices such as sensors and locks, give users control, access and information on what they’re trying to secure. 

This smart security solution you might think are only meant for fancy, high end homes or properties. Quite contrary, actually. DIY smart home security solutions actually lowers the need for setup and maintenance costs, enabling you to have a high tech home security system. Let’s go into some of these smart security items in more detail.

Outdoor Camera


Outdoor cameras, in the smart home world, can be either hard powered, or battery powered. As there are various types, identify your needs first and then cross check the outdoor camera to make sure they’re filling the intended use. So if you’re looking to keep an eye out on your backyard, which tends to get real dark, you’d want something that provides ample light, and has an HD camera allowing you to see any form of movement. Perhaps you’re an avid camper, and you’d like this to be wireless so you can pop it in your kit when you head out into the woods. You’d them consider a smart, wireless floodlight camera that covers all your needs and more.

Doorbell Camera


Just like the smart outdoor camera, a doorbell camera too can be hardwired or battery powered. These smart objects are intended for mechanical chimes or digital chimes. You’ve got WiFi and your router is close to your door? Want to peep before opening up and have the ability to see around in 140 degree angle, and make it crystal clear visuals too? Then again, you’ve identified your pain points and what you’d like, which means something like this Home Zone Security Doorbell could be the item you’re looking for. 

Indoor Camera


Indoor cameras help monitor activity in your home and are commonly used as nursery cams or for pet monitoring. This wireless indoor camera allows you to place it anywhere, with specific features you’re able to customise, such as motion detection, sound detection, motion tracking, and human detection. We like that it’s quite aesthetically pleasing, too.

Garage Door Opener


One use for a smart home feature would be a garage door opener. Who likes to have to get out the car and manually open a heavy door in the pouring rain? There’d be no need to get a new garage door. Garage door openers can work with your current garage door system to enable internet connection and use through a remote control. Be mindful of compatibility here, but having an automated garage opener is a game changer. 

Sensor Kit

Whether your home is big or small, having sensor kits attached to your entry ways will ensure you’re aware each and every time a window or a door  is opened. Sensor kits are great to have especially if you have kids or pets, or if you live on your own.  


The idea of a smart home doesn’t have to be scary. They’ve been developed to make your life easier! If you’re ready to take a look at some smart home options to use in 2021, why not browse through a few here.

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