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Increase Home Security with Lighting

Increase Home Security with Lighting

Increase Home Security with Lighting

Home security will always be a hot topic for homeowners. Burglars are always coming up with new ways to work their way into your home, and more often than not, lighting is often overlooked by most homeowners. Lighting is a highly effective way to up your home security. Prevent your home from becoming a potential target for thieving criminals, by improving your home security with proper lighting strategies. There are various placing strategies and different types of security lights to install depending on your needs. In this article, we’re going to highlight these various ways, their benefits and arm you with the knowledge to suit up your home with security lighting. Let’s get started.

Benefits of lighting for home security

Before we dive straight into the various home security lights available, let us begin by outlining the advantages of securing your home with adequate lighting. 

Increased property value

Before we head straight into the more obvious advantages of home security lighting, did you know that by installing permanent security light fixtures to your property increases its value? You might even be able to get an insurance break. Those in the property market actively seeking to buy a house often have safety as one of their biggest priorities on their wishlist. You can make yours stand out by having state of the art lighting features. 

Deter thieves

Of course we’ve all heard that when you leave the house at night, make sure you leave a light on. There is truth to that statement. If there’s a chance that there are criminals in your neighborhoods’ midst, they are less likely to try their luck if your property is adequately lit. With ample outdoor security lighting, you’re also eliminating the amount of dark areas available around your garden where burglars could be lurking. Trespassers do not want to be seen. So light up your garden and entryways and keep them far away from your home. 

Increase aesthetics 

Aesthetic lighting is usually only associated with restaurants and hotels, but a growing trend sees homeowners using lighting as a dual purpose to not only improve home security, but also illuminate particular features of the property. Architects would agree that well-executed outdoor or wall lighting is a very important element of design. So why not kill two birds with one stone and increase your home security, while highlighting some of the best parts of your property.

Neighborhood eyes

More and more neighborhood watch groups are popping up to collectively increase security in a residential street. When you are out of town, or simply away for a few nights, having outdoor security lighting will make it easier for your neighbors to see if your home is getting unwanted visitors. There are also indoor security lighting options whereby you can control lighting with timers or wireless apps, making it seem to the outside that there are people in the house when in fact, there aren’t. Motion sensor outdoor security lights are most helpful in this case, as a sudden jolt of light can easily alert your neighbors to some movement. 

Deter unwanted pests

Hate waking up to your entryways destroyed by raccoons? Well, another advantage to installing security lighting is deterring these critters from running rampant around your property. In this case, motion sensor lighting scares these raccoons or skunks away, keeping your property clear of them. 

Prevent accidents

Whether you’re hosting a party, or simply know you’re coming home in the dark, having adequate security lighting doubles up as a way to prevent unnecessary accidents by upping visibility. 

Positioning lights for optimal home security

We’ve established that having lighting around your home can drastically reduce the chances of a break-in.  However, well-placed lights including motion-sensor lights remove the possibility of hiding spots for potential thieves. Improving your home’s security and preventing break-ins means strategically installing floodlights, motion-sensor lights, and lights on timers throughout your property.

Choosing your home security lights

Now that you have seen the added advantages of home security lights, where do you get started? Luckily for you, we’ve already compiled handy guides on how to install security lights, but let’s jump into a few types of security lighting available now.

Path lights

Path lights are excellent investments to increase your home security and highlight your home’s features. Best of all, most of the time they’re available with solar-powered technology, keeping your electricity bill low. A simple, yet effective home security lighting option, path lights tick off numerous boxes in the advantages of security lighting. These are ideal for illuminating walkways, eliminating any unnecessary accidents or falls!

Wall lights

Wall lights offer incredible lighting for security purposes. Choose between solar or hardwired options in a variety of styles to best suit your property’s aesthetic. Keep all doorways into the home lit up to prevent burglary and improve visibility to enter and exit your home.

Flood lights and motion sensor lights

Motion sensor flood lights are the perfect lighting solutions to place near entrances. They have a super-wide motion detection coverage and the light heads are also conveniently adjustable. Once again, you’re able to choose between hardwired (which offers a brighter light) or solar-powered solution.

If you haven’t yet lit up your home for the better when would be a better time? Increase visibility, up your home security with security lighting today.

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